For sensitive information, consider downloading Signal, an encrypted messaging app, and reviewing our security info below. Cale Byers is available on Signal at:



I will respond on Instagram or Twitter, and there's a contact form below, for anonymously giving information. Be cautious about your email settings for social media. If your Linfield email is associated with any social accounts, make sure that you don't receive notifications via email that could indicate correspondence with the LFP. And don't use your Linfield-issued computer or email for anything sensitive.

Security Considerations

The simplest way to share files is to meet with me in person, and we can figure out what to do, depending on the document. Sharing things over the internet or printing files is risky and takes some consideration about your methods.

Using the Tor browser is not necessarily a good idea. Very few people use Tor at Linfield, so it makes you more suspicious if any documents are leaked. This is why more people should use Tor. Do not print anything over Linfield's network or on their printers.

If you already have a copy of TAILS, feel free to bring a personal computer to campus, but only if it's turned off and disconnected from the network. Start TAILS and connect to the internet, and send me some files. But don't let your personal computer cause your Linfield account to be disconnected. For example, if you swap ethernet ports, and your Linfield-device suddenly disconnects, it's obvious that the new machine running TAILS is in fact your computer. I don't think TAILS is really necessary here, and if you don't have a copy already, it'll be easier to just transfer the documents in person. But if you want TAILS anyway, I'm happy to give you a copy.

If you insist on sharing over the internet and remaining anonymous, use the contact form below, from a mobile phone, over your cellular network, not Linfield's network. You can also create an anonymous email, and send files that way. Tor and TAILS are more likely to raise flags until we get more people using them, and sending a form-message over Linfield's network might reveal your identity.


You can give a fake email, as long as it has the @ symbol.

External resources from Google are loaded for the CAPTCHA validation. If you don't see the prompt, try enabling Javascript or modifying your browser settings.