The Linfield Free Press is a student-run journalism and web-hosting platform, enabling others to easily share content online, without setting up a website or buying a domain. Start a blog, provide information about different college organizations and resources, or cover local news. Stories are organized by sections, and shared folders are navigable in a public directory.


Currently, Cale Byers is the only staff member, but I'm hiring others who'd like to join.

You can support the LFP by contributing content, submitting tips or ideas, and letting others know about our site. Those looking for a portfolio to share their academic or personal work can do so without the restrictions of social media companies' policies.

Areas of coverage

Priorities are currently matters of student life, and things happening in McMinnville. Students have freedom to publish whatever they choose, but this freedom may constrained by laws or Github's policies. If you would like to see more topics, leave a suggestion in our contact form, or write about what matters to you.

Social Media

The Linfield Free Press is on Instagram and Twitter, and we’ll respond to messages there. For sensitive information, you might consider setting up a time to talk in-person, or download Signal, an encrypted messaging app.

Web design

This site is mostly hand-written, with some CSS from min.css. We're using Barba JS to make pages load faster, but this site is completely usable without Javascript. As things become more complicated, we'll use a lightbox or gallery script, and maybe something for reading preferences.

The Linfield Free Press was started by Cale Byers, a junior at Linfield.