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How to Block Ads on Snapchat

Published by Cale Byers on

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Configure your wifi’s DNS settings to use these servers, run by Adguard:


For iOS

Settings > Wifi > Catnet_Linfield (or whatever name) > Configure DNS > Manual > Add Server > (paste Servers above)

For Android

Not all Android phones let you modify your DNS. If you can, it'll be under the network settings, and you'll configure for the network you're currently using. There are other firewall apps worth exploring, such as NoRoot Firewall.

On Snapchat, ads come from, but they use for messaging. Since they're different, the ads are easily blocked.

With Domain Name Server filtering, certain domains are blacklisted, preventing any connections. This can block advertisements on most apps or websites. Since Snapchat uses multiple domains, blocking ads won’t block your messages. But some apps, like YouTube, will send everything through the same domain, and Adguard can't do anything in that case.

More information about DNS blocking will be published soon.